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And this is not an exaggeration at all. Live life, and dont live in fear of an uncertain future. I really want all this nonsense to go away and not happen. Since the casualty figures include Australia, which has been (up until four years ago) neutral, we can assume that China would be involved. Its not America first but America, England and Australia (it is one entity), can never be second. This was an astonishing turn of events executed with lightning speed and then the states bizarre action quickly fell off the news cycle. Apparently, the site was his personal project. Which pretty much explains the Evergrande collapse, the arrest of Jackie Ma, and why George Soros is having a fit that he cannot buy up China like he did with Russia. And in it are elements of the old, some elements regarding the transition, and some elements that look towards the future. U8 Deagel-2025-Forecast-by-Country.pdf 66KB. Which makes me want to take another look at the Deagel Report. Remember later in the years who did all this. Most of the IS-Bes who are incarnated to live in the AUKUSs lands are determined to be destroyed and not allowed to reincarnate/reincarcerate on planet Earth. It does not matter. US contract I believe ran out in 2013 and now struggling to pay off the amount due. have governments in on the plan of self destruction. They will come in under the pretense of helping to distribute food. ORENBURG, Russia, Sept. 24 The Chiefs of General Staff of the armed forces of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states held a meeting at the Donguz training range in Orenburg Oblast, Russia on September 23. New capital will be in Denver. Oct 30, 2014. You will never make sense of it. $g-@UN1vR! The Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and AztraZeneca vaccines use technology more akin (but not identical) to the dead-virus type, but with major tweaks, which is the best way to explain it. Did it become necessary to get rid of the granite monument that stood as a testimony to the elites plan for mass depopulation of the world? If there is not a dramatic change of course the world is going to witness the first nuclear war. According to the Deagel forecast, America's population would plummet from just over 310 million in 2017 down to just 99 million by the end of 2025.Western European nations, especially the U.K. and Germany, were forecast to see similarly drastic decreases in population, as were Canada and Australia. As of March 2023, 95% of Indians age 12-plushave received at least one shot. Covid Blog reports: By April 2021, truckloads of dead bodies being transported to morgues were so full that bodies were falling from the trucks on the roads. This is why the old and the sick were asked to take it first. Going to war might seem a quick and easy solution to restore the lost hegemony to finally find them into a France 1940 moment. And people, the USA is very balkanized. Learn a thing or two. So that the fishing rights of Vietnamese fishermen next to Indonesian waters will be policed, and secured? Its pretty brazen, but then again, these fucking jokers dont really give a damn any longer about what people think. We know that China is dystopian hell. Never the less, here is the complete tabulated data in a nice convenient PDF for you to download. contributed to a Stratfor report on North Korea. Your King Yeshua, Your Redeemer, Your Messiah., Source: The most likely candidate is a combination of two (or possibly more) contributors listed above. Keep in mind that the American Civil War which devastated the Southern States had a 6-8% of the population killed. Many of them of the age with children at home. I dare you. More so, much more so than before. The formerly (known as) second and third world nations are an unknown at this point. If Biden is elected there will very bad consequences as well. Sperm counts in men have fallen to the lowest level since such things started being measured. If they switch to China they can get a chance to stabilize but will need to depend upon the management of their own resources. 3 0 obj Lots of literally low IQ out there. As much as it is interesting to see who is in, it is interesting to see who is out. Then, the Guidestones were mysteriously bombed in the early morning hours of July 6, 2022. We are just a group of retired spooks that discuss things that youll not find anywhere else. The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Hill Air Force Base, Utah, is the contracting activity (FA821421D0003). The middle portion of the country will remain and become part of the Republics of Texas, which parts may also be swallowed by Mexico. Deagel's Depopulation Premonitions for 2025 RevisitedIn October 2020, Swiss lawyer Michael Lusk wrote an article on his LinkedIn page urging that, in the wake of the coronavirus "pandemic," Deagel's 2025 Forecast be given serious attention. That it must be due to religion, as that is what the Book of Revelation says, and therefore the Four horsemen are going to spring out from deep inside of China and unleash their terrors to the world. I know its a hard pill to swallow, but reject it at your own risk. While we cannot take its response at face value, it. The focus has been on the Pfizer and Moderna vaxxes. US Air Force Orders GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrators Through 2026. If so, then it must be assumed that its population predictions for 2025, as well as its industrial output predictions on a nation-by-nation basis, are based on strategic assumptions which are shared and well understood by other players in the intelligence community. Civil war is a form of claiming bankruptcy. Morrison rejected claims that Australia wasted some $2.4 billion that was already funneled to Frances Naval Group as part of a $90 billion submarine contract a deal that was rendered defunct following Wednesdays announcement. The ultimate conflict can come from two ways. They do point out something interesting. Most Western nations will become a Hellish fiasco of zombie movie proportions. I live between the heron and the wren, General Electric Aviation, Lynn, Massachusetts, is awarded a $683,716,135 firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for the production and delivery of 169 T408-GE-400. Their choice. $(".wp_accept_pp_button_form_classic").submit(function(e){ This population forecast was so controversial, showing population reductions of 68.5 percent in the United States (from 2017 levels) and between 25 and 70 percent for almost every Western European country, that the study mysteriously disappeared from Deagels website in March 2021. Russian Defense Procurement Agency. If the globalists are following the wisdom of Sun Tzu, they would cull the population and reduce the level at which they are outnumbered, and they would poison those of us who remain so that we are weakened and unable to think critically and independently, at least not to the level that we could organize any meaningful resistance. And there should be a hard limit on the % you can inflate the currency which should be The global appeal for peace comes as a top Chinese diplomat warned his country to re-examine their promise to only use nukes in retaliation, in response to the new alliances forming in the region. I meet my shadow in the deepening shade; "Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As Bill Gates Launches 'Grand Challenge': . During this time of destruction, Russia and China will offer to help America due to the destructions. Where will that Hell be? This is about propulsion. Since its establishment in 2001, by upholding the banner of Shanghai spirit of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for cultural diversity and pursuit of common development, the SCO has played an important role in promoting regional development, security and stability in the past two decades. . Deceived parents allow their children to be injected multiple times and/or they feed their babies vaxxed breast milk. Both the SLBMs for targeted destruction of cities, and nuclear torpedoes for the destruction of submarines and entire fleets. The stark reality of diverse and multicultural Western societies is that a collapse will have a toll of 50 to 80 percent depending on several factors. That's how I told my stories of a world gone madand getting infinitely worse, faster. The UK have four nuclear powered submarines that will be cruising off the Chinese coast. if you have no family, and you dont want to call up a friend or two to go out and grab a beerjust because. All points to the outcome you have described. Wedug prognozy Deagel , populacja Ameryki spadnie z nieco ponad 310 milionw w 2017 roku do zaledwie 99 milionw do koca 2025 roku. 2) The SECOND EVENT is the tsunamis which hits Florida, from an asteroid hitting in the Caribbean which will also destroy some islands there. In 2014 we published a disclaimer about the forecast. Thank you for the subscription! Population. In Delhi, someone died every five minutes that month,according to one report. The ones that insist on mRNA vaccinations, The ones that give dead host traditional vaccinations, This came in this morning just before I published this article. People just dont want to face reality, and are hoping that by ignoring what we are facing our problems will go away in time. id: "amount", On 4/20/21,, a military intelligence agency, has deleted their mysterious 2025 forecast spreadsheet that predicted a major collapse of the western countries. Letter to the Editor. Western European nations, especially the U.K. and Germany, were forecast to see similarly drastic decreases in population, as were Canada and Australia. Even our lumber industry is undermine by Chile that can grow pine trees in one half the time, and Japan found a nitch with much more stronger and durable bamboo woods and its processing. It reports a similar dropoff of population numbers for Australia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and other NATO countries. Read What's Going On - Waking Up To The Truth! 3) The THIRD EVENT is the destruction in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from an earthquake. At that time they never could of imagined the QUAD set up by Mike Pompeo, and that the Morrison government would wholeheartedly want to declare war on China. Personal freedom and rights of coarse restricted. 1970s galore, the 70s vibe, the music, the clothes,, The median IQ of the US 97. That in mind, the collapse of the Soviet system wiped out 10 percent of the population. You can find more articles related to this in my latest index; A New Beginning. The United States will lose almost 3/4ths of its population! Japan will lose 1/5th of its population! In 2014, a little known military contractor called 'Deagel corporation' published a projection of massive global depopulation by 2025.. We know that the desire for huge human depopulation is written in stone, a shady collective made sure of it when they commissioned the construction of the Georgia Guidestones in 1981. Sure. Instead, they figured that it must be a very serious pandemic with some other mystery event that complicated things in a negative manner. Today the worlds population is four times greater with air travel in full swing which is by definition a super spreader. Those that predict the future are often wrong. You are either in the club or you are not. Western European nations, especially the U.K. and Germany, were forecast to see similarly drastic decreases in population, as were Canada and Australia. {E"^ FI?>oB`NE^W{.` $AC_@EW7#+Z1h}O'#X]JeLb3@*^mJ:20'QlPR9]$Eck-x? +A] 'k-JoTG9/wX0rRCv-}o*6&4wH!U5Zt5-cq c,%-Lewp;OCp 2opYSwg.|ip ;twvveHJx;pjq,4;pan=701?^I.)"]&z?G6T8 &mVD;..&N&e[LL1|A VF\o% xXNy)i|0y:LjpX#`q!7-&?XEYW.G?is 3*=hGcApH%j_&p/F"|5Alpn6qAU>M&%!Y"(%R,`4$2dQ$Yt#APY! The first guideline etched in theGeorgia Guidestones monumentstatedMaintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature, representing a reduction of more than 90 percent of the earths people in typical Malthusian manner. All of these judgments will fall quickly, not giving the people very much time to deal with one crisis after another. Seriously I really do. 99,553,000. Former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad fearlessly, In other words, a lot of people are dying and few are being born., . (As opposed to the UN maritime law.). Not surprised by this at all. Progressive onslaught and control of all electronic media. And you know, of course I am thinking about this. So that the miserable Mericans can blame their frustration on those evil vile Communists. Limited to making up the shortfall between taxation and government spending, America was lost when the federal reserve act was passed in 1913. The location of performance is Saint Charles, Missouri, and work is expected to be completed by April 30, 2026. The Shocking 2025 Deagel Forecast and Remote Viewing the future, Deagel Population Forecast of Nearly 70 Percent Fewer Americans by 2025 is Starting to LookProphetic, completely destroyed the damaged monument, adopting Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine protocols. We have Argentina that also has a decrease in population. Its just that the potential futures are frightening. Think about that. It makes us unique. View all posts by Editor, cairnsnews, Yes they rewrote the stats last year after we published them. Myself as well as a few others can't seem to find the infamous projected 2025 US population forecast by Deagel. If someone is able to access it you should post the link here for others that might not be aware. Yes, but if you believe in god, one way or another, hopefully your brain pattern will be downloaded due to the graphene in the injections. The United States government is a cluster fuck. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I think the eye begin to see. I find it an interesting coincidence that this deletion was made within 24 hours of every American over the age of 16 qualifying for their mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. I think China ends up betraying the New World Order, if they havent already. So, seize the days and enjoy it. Its not. 6) The SIXTH EVENT is New York City being hit with a tsunamis from an asteroid in the Atlantic Ocean. 30. Canada will lose 1/4th of its population! There will be [1] a massive die off of people in America, and Australia. Global Military Empire AND Nuclear War WITH Global pandemic. It was only a matter of time before nations realized they could manufacture the stuff. Just hours later, at around 6 p.m. on July 6, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. name: "amount", Genocide = from 25% to 99% of the population. Have been watching this site for few years now. It reports a similar dropoff of population numbers for Australia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and other NATO countries. Heres the 2025 Deagel casualty figures for the three mighty members of AUKUS. Thus now kids are being ask to take it. Not those in the West. Beijings former ambassador to the UN, Sha Zukang said China must make the first nuclear strike against the US if Joe Biden continues to defend Taiwan. The debt clock at mid-day 20 Jan 2023 was $ 8,793,694,584,359. 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