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I don't know if this is helpful as I shy away from physical swing advice however being 6'2"/225 with a 49" chest/51 jacket, which is always a PITA as the stuff usually comes in even sizes, however My chest never stopped me from gettin it back-, I was extremely flexible my last year(2012) in the game as I was actively still playing hoops and I was Natiional Ski Patrol-, The only "key" that I ever thought of, and that was decades ago as my body and swing was the same from college on and that is my left tricep across my pec going back-, You might look at some single plane stuff and I've posted a vid of Hal's swing and while he's taller than you, he's got the barrel chest-, I got to Play with him in 2010 and '12 and along with bein a super guy(I started likin him when he scoffed at the Tour boi Tiger love and scoffed at Tiger and beat him when few others could), he's still got a sweet swing-, And he's proud of that belly, tellin me in that Texas draw, "I earned this some b****," lmao, The best to ya and have a great season :), In the end, only three things matter~

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GHIN: Beefeater 24. I tolerate forward shaft lean but dont advocate it. The bigger your chest is it shortens your arms at address and swing which in result you can utilize proper club length. So if you want to fight through to a more conventional swing, your first goal has to be a solid grip and a solid release action. Look at BrianL99's post. The way you explain the golf swing is clearly the best available your tip on squaring but also uncocking the left hand at impact has transformed the way I impact the ball and resulted in a straight penetrating ball flight. I also used to waggle my hips forward and back slightly before setting my weight to the back foot and beginning my take-away. Kind regards Rob. Your previous content has been restored. I do have 1 question on the address you mention the golf shaft points at the belt buckle however there is a lot of info out there saying the shaft should point to left hip at address and if you look at top tour players like Rory McIlroy they do tend to have this lean of the shaft. Now my new problem. I used to do this all the time but some how you just forget some of these important set up features. So if you dont trust those, stay centered. Sorry for the mess and the rambling. My quick answer is bend over and tell those folks to leave you alone. Problem for me is getting arms moving before the right shoulder which then causes my left bicep hits my pec very quickly and everything stops. But heres a question: say for a 9iron, the offset will leave the face of the club look closed (I am playing Mizuno JPX800 iron set), and its almost impossible to make it look square. You should know why you do everything in your swing. Basically, it's a three-step process, Hogan says. Heres how to setup correctly for a right-handed golfer. The whole coil and feel the stretch in the left lat thing don't really register on me. Are 3 woods obsolete for double digit golfers??? Distance? Place yourself in a balanced, athletic position, with the ball in the centre of the club face. I have lost significant distance, consistency and golf balls trying to get flatter and deeper. Maybe there are golfers (on Tour?) I am taller and thinner than you, but I spent a lot of time swinging the way it sounds you do, Not before I got in front of a mirror after reading many posts on the subject here did I realize that I had no "up" to my swing. DGA3, Lynn Blake's forum has a ton of older posts on hitting (it's a pattern based in TGM). Callaway JAWS Raw 52* 56* and 60* [*][size=4][color=#008000][b]Ping G410 3 hybrid, Mitsubishi Tensei Blue Pro[/b][/color][/size] Most of them DO NEED to learn to let their arms swing from their shoulder sockets more. I'm flexible: can do the seated toe touch, and can turn my shoulders 90 degrees from my waist. : Otherwise, I setup open and hit pull hooks or if I compensate with open stance a push/slice . He's the model swing I strive for. Dont worry so much about backswing for now. Slight wrist cock is normal at address. Any swing suggestions? It never is! You're likely a "Width" swinger, think Craig Stadler. Club fitting is very important but your address and set up is key. Duly noted well use bottom or tail for those down under thanks. 1) If ball is too far forward, club path will already be coming back to the left and cutting across so ball will have cut spin on it. The clubhead will lower to the ground directly in the center of your stance, butt of club still pointed at belt buckle. In 5 lessons Ben Hogan says that for a 5 iron the stance should be set apart with shoulder width. Your arm simply goes back and through and nine times out of ten goes straight where you intended. Good questions, best of luck on your game. This post is 4years old now but the same issues remain for some of us. [/quote] A few things could be going on, so youll need to test one at a time in the following order. One setup issue a I struggle with is spine tilt. 75K views 10 years ago Golf Swing Tips and Drills A great exercise to feel the correct body turn in the golf swing. 5-PW: Callaway X Forged '13 w/ Project X Pxi 6.0 I wish you had been around when I was a kid. So, I went with a neutral grip. Thanks Jean. : First, we need a great grip. Upload or insert images from URL. Get it wrong, and it wont matter how well you build everything else. Shift your weight onto your front foot and begin to rotate your hips toward the target. Does it appear that way cause they are taller? Literally your hips and legs will not be symmetrically centered on the ball. I tend to setup comfortably in an open stance with all clubs. I'm going to have to get one! The left arm technique is huge. As for the S&T, I learned a ton from that thread and have spent a lot of time reading it a couple of months ago. MEMBER REVIEWS: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! Hope this helps clear up some of the apparent conflict in the descriptions. I still have a lot of work to go but I feel more interested in golf now than ever. Are their set up or swing adjustments to make when thick chested? Heath is a big guy.but with a SWEET motion, Check out the last page of the kink to his thread above..Awesome stuff. Ill also say unfortunately for most amateur players there is no continuing descent, so center still works best anyway as it truly is the bottom of their swing. If you did not rotate the arms on the backswing, you'd only be able to raise the arms to about chest level. Consequently, my backswing is very short. If you are going to try to get more width, you will likely have to turn your torso and shoulders farther back to get that right arm off your body. What's my problem? Always need good footwork and posture. Wishon 5, 6 560 MC 7-PW MMC MB My shoulder is 46cm width. Good luck. Thanks. XXIO X Series 5 Wood! Well last week i decided to try it since using your move of bringing the club down in slot before clearing and keeping trunk turned away at same time. Sounds like you suck your arms inside , so they have no where to go . If I use a neutral gripmy club face arrives open. . Maybe that would help me not strike the ball behind me???? I think it is also harder to keep your arms in front of you. What I now realize is that turning my left arm to the two-knuckle grip position naturally gets my left arm on top of the pec and helps tuck the right should in as well, freeing up my back-swing. Hope it helps! Glad to add you to the list of those getting Hermanized. Stay in touch. Your email address will not be published. Try playing it back to improve the path, although now the face will need to release quickly to make it in time. Noticed a few things creeping in that I wanted to get my setup a little more structured. Thanks so much for your great instruction.John,former P.G.A, Thanks John. For the one-piece takeaway, you can still make a one-piece movement while pivoting. Next, attach the right hand to the club. Herman. At any rate, be sure to check in a mirror to verify the look if it looks like Tiger and Rory, youre probably ok. Good luck. I couldn't resist checking this thread out with the title. I have to focus more on being able to breathe at the top I feel the left lat stretching so hard lol I don't care what guys say, [b]the way they describe the pivot, with right side extension and left side tilting was brilliant for me. One advantage is normally you can generate quite a bit of power with a short swing. I have a lot of followers Down Under. Thanks for commenting and following my work. Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Links:Facebook Web the Pin Seekerz app here!iPhone: Android: I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. Just mentioning since it was a little uncomfortable to let a 6 iron shaft be right at belt buckle- felt like i would either go outside or had to open stance. I'm 6"2 240lbs and former bodybuilder. Michael Breed teaches you a drill for a better body turn in your golf swing. Hogan had great leg drive and fast hips considering his major injuries from the car wreck in 1949. [list] Ive really enjoyed your videos, particularly the recommendation to weaken my right hand grip. Been lucky to have played most of this winter. [quote name='sblack5' timestamp='1385096461' post='8188352'] I'm barrel chested and not overweight I setup like anyone else and swing the same as everyone I golf with. This motion gets you into a fully coiled position at the top of your backswing. What bothers me most now is the driver, could you talk more about how to set up and hit a driver/fairway wood. Net result should leave the butt of club aimed at belt buckle. 1. Another thing I think I need to work on is stretching. If you can consistently hook the ball with the hands turning over, then work on allowing the club to fall more behind you in downswing as the hips clear more aggressively. My ball position is the same as everyone else, off of right ear, left pec-ish type. Wishon 775HS 22*, 25* At this stage, we are ready to finish assembling the golf stance. Great architecture, it took over 175 years to build, and its now over 800 years old. When I considered that, I thought - maybe she's right! Ive tried to visualize an imaginary obstacle in front of me as I setup to the ball to see if I can get the same results, but it has not been particularly effective. 2023 HomeTown Lenders Championship (Korn Ferry Tour) - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Zurich Classic - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 RBC Heritage - Discussion and links to Photos, 2023 Valero Texas Open - Discussion and links to photos, 2023 WGC Dell Technologies Match Play - Discussion and links to photos. This has been a struggle. Again Thanks a lot. Are their set up or swing adjustments to make when thick chested? If I put myself at the top of my swing with left hand in waiters tray position and a flat right wrist and just let my natural swing fall.I always arrive with an open club face. Elbows to chest In the clip, which you can watch in full below, Hogan suggests starting by making small swings, with your. Plenty of Youtube vids of both to check out. [/quote] Dear Herman, the more I follow and implement your advice, the better I strike the ball! I've been playing golf about 15 years and have been as low as an 8 handicap, but currently rest at 13. Alternatively, keep your toes pressed against the tops of your shoes as you make some half swings with a wedge. Look no further than the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy for a perfect example. Stay in touch. I just never made the connection. GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, April 24, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, April 17, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, April 10, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, March 27, GolfWRX_Spotted posted a topic in Tour and Pre-Release Equipment, March 20, Please put and questions or comments here, Please put any questions or comments here. Mike Dunaway played football at Arkansas, I believe, and was rather stocky. You can also let me know that Im overanalyizing this setup and that I should get a life and I will completely understand. Eliminate swaying and lunging which rob you of distance and accuracy. I told Dan my first trip "I want to swing like Smock" lol. 5 mistakes all golfers make on par 3 holes, Marcus Westerberg Chipping Tips: Stop helping the ball in the air, PGA Tour star reveals what it's like to play with a red-hot Jon Rahm, Equipment brand publicly cuts ties with LIV Golf stars, 'The DP World Tour feeds the PGA Tour it's always been like that', Keith Pelley: 'I have no influence on the Ryder Cup', Keep your feet together to improve your chipping. Body Turn in Golf Swing - The Golf Fix. making sure I'm turning my shoulders 90* to my spine. But it should be said that I spend a lot of time each day stretching. Head to our competitions page to enter. P770 5-P Brian Smock has a great swing and has a thick chest. You should be on the Golf Channel and writing for Golf Digest. Youd never get rid of me. This will raise your left hip and drop your right hip and knee. Basically the right shoulder drops to the right and left hip moves to the left. I had some issues and knew something didnt feel right in set up. Oh wait thats not correct. I think you are the thinking mans golf coach. Thirdly when you arrive at top of backswing with the arm up on top of chest and elbow pointed down, you are in a stronger physical position to pull down with tricep and lat muscle. Herman. Thanks for the suggestions, so far. Michael Follow NCG on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for free online golf instruction, the latest equipment reviews, and much, much more. Pasted as rich text. Your videos have greatly improved my game. Very interesting; my thoracic is trashed and not going to get better, and I've been considering this change myself. Next, well add to the setup by talking about preshot routine. But at the end of the day you want to get rid of the interference your chest creates regarding the armswing. You cannot paste images directly. There will definitely be a learning curve involved to get comfortable again and time everything. Unfortunately, just because the new changes are supposedly a better way to swing, it doesnt mean they will be easy to do or that they will work better initially. You're not gonna be bombing 300yd drives, but it will build you a solid foundation that can grow as your belly shrinks. I've tried that upright swing before, and it just doesn't feel comfortable. First, we need a great grip. A well-placed golf stance puts your body in a athletic and balanced manner that allows you to turn and keep your balance throughout the golf swing. [quote name='Hstead' timestamp='1386383819' post='8261327'] Herman, Great Job on the videos ,I live in Greensboro and am lefty,Iwill be calling for a lesson soon . Peter Dawson, a prominent European Tour player in the 1970s and the first left-hander to play in the Ryder Cup, noticed a gap in the market for a coaching manual with tips for senior golfers. I told Dan my first trip "I want to swing like Smock" lol. In this video Mark Wood PGA Advanced Professional shows you a great. I have to focus more on being able to breathe at the top I feel the left lat stretching so hard lol Very strong grip. Hey man, your video is awesome!! I have a broad chest as well and lack proper external right shoulder rotation - you can either go 'up' toward the anterior like some have described, or you can stay in depth (and some width) with low hands and reverse loop a fade out of it. Right hand shows 2.5-3 knuckles. Watching the Stadler video convinces me to go back to my natural, upright motion. So he and co-author and pupil Simon Hawkins pieced together Now for the Back Nine. have been following your site for some time now and find your teaching illuminating and always interesting. Clearly, when I shifted too far right I threw my spine angle way off. Here's how I recommend you getting the feel of this all-important connection: Put a credit card or golf glove under the left arm at set up. elbow pointed at body/tricep on chest dates all the way back to Ben Hogan in the 50s. I'm guessing that if your bicep gets pinned on your chest, then you have no sense of raising your arms as part of your backswing. Your setup helped a lot and I got to identify, using your T, that the leading edge of my club was actually 5 deg+ open all the time. If I keep the right arm, shoulder, elbow soft it all works. Big hello from Texas. Wedges: Callaway Forged 50, Vokey SM7 54S & 60L - DG wedge flex Great image for slicers and shorter distance golfers. When bowing toward the ball, do you retain wrist cock as when held at belt buckle height? Herman. You now have both hands on the club, left arm sitting somewhat uncomfortably on top of left chest, left shoulder is higher than the right (which means spine is tilted slightly to the right), right arm is soft at the elbow, right shoulder tucked back and down, club is pointed straight out from belt buckle. Keep your back straight as you stick your tail out and keep your chin up to avoid a hunch back appearance. 2. Because of this, I have spent a lot of time working on steeper shoulders, i.e. Should l try to widen my back swing or do you feel l should play with what l have got? We literally use the club as a yardstick to measure the body distance from the ball. Ive noticed on the range that many people set up with the handle of the golf club positioned near their left thigh, or pointed toward the target, creating the appearance of the club leaning forward at address. XXIO X Series 5 Wood! Hey David, glad to hear youve been Hermanized. Mizuno MP18 2fh / PX 6.0 2023 JM Eagle LA Championship (April 27-30), Moi matched my iron set, now living on the heel, Diamana PD 50TX; Diamana TB 80TX; Cleveland RTX6 Zipcore 52/10; Best Grip Microperf Midsize Augusta grips. Ive been trying for years to develop a consistent set up and swing and am every so grateful that Ive been hermanized. Herman, [/quote] The path can cause the shank as the club tries to keep extending out away from the body near impact. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Thanks Herman! I'm flexible: can do the seated toe touch, and can turn my shoulders 90 degrees from my waist. But it should be said that I spend a lot of time each day stretching. How to modify the swing, without lag it's just a shove. Does the face just look bad or is the shot also flying offline? I do have a touch strong but not real strong took a look in the mirror it appeared too strong because of the left arm hanging or relaxed too much. Make sure: (1) Your left leg gently bumps the wall as you start down, and (2) the back of your left hand faces the wall as it comes down in front of. Thanks for the tip for arm on top .it fixed me overnight I am even drawing the ball again or dead straight.. Are you referring to being heavy thick chested or having a barrel chest? 2. It looks like the guys on tour and even your sit up you almost let the club drop or even point your wrist down. Paige Spiranac has the same problem. The other common flaw developed out of a forward press is a tendency to take the clubhead to the inside on the takeaway. In the USA is means your bum [*][color=#b22222][b][size=4]TP Mills Trad II Hand Forged [/size][/b][/color] Variety being the "spice of life" and all that, we are not created equal in all aspects. It got to the point that I couldnt even find a comfortable or reliable position at address. You mean a golfer exists with a bigger chest than me? Mimic your backswing, then swing down slowly. You cannot paste images directly. Since I have a normal Height(178cm), below average Arms (my wrists to floor is 88cm , 3cm more than a normal guy with 178) and a thick chest, what do you think the length and lie of the irons should be changed relative to the standard ones? That sucks. You can certainly overdo it and end up with a spine line that is too straight and unnatural. I've lifted weights on and off my entire life, and have a barrel chest with large arms (luckily, I have only a 32" waist, so I'm not fat). To initiate your. Ive started thinking of the old glove under the arm pit drill, except this time with the right arm. I was wondering if you set-up any differently with fairway woods and hybrids? A centered golf ball, or just slightly left of center technically, gets the ball positioned where the club has a chance to strike it cleanly, and as is the case with the irons, continue to descend. Subscribe: is the correct golf swing for your body type - Golf Swing Tips - DWGWe're now in the age of the quantitativ. I found your site last night via a you tube video and I am glad I did. That sets the ball itself just slightly left of your zipper. What's a "3 barrel hitter?" Lookup member hstead and his progress threadbiggest upper body of any golfer I've seen Display as a link instead, So try to base your decision on your need for mobility, not so much on how wide your shoulders are. Their strength is not enough to overcome the shorter ROM and general stiffness. 1. Ok, cool. You can post now and register later. Do not try to sit down to get low enough if the clubs feel too short. [*][size=4][b][color=#0000ff]Ping G410 LST, Mitsubishi Tensei Orange Pro [/color][/b][/size] Funny thing was I used to have John Daly swing as a kid because I was skinny as a rail and now my swing looks like someone elses 1/2 or 3/4 swing. Hopefully when I post an update after my trip to Jacksonville in Feb I will be down about 30 lbs. I've been doing the limber 11 for the past few days, and will be starting an exercise/stretching routine at Fore Performance (a golf/fitness place near me) this coming Monday after a TPI assessment. Herman. Matt Smith Clear editor. Exo #7. It appears to me youve probably grown pretty accustomed to a strong-grip, closed face style of play with a flat swing plane. Boomer was a legend in the teaching ranks in the first half of the last century, and his book, "On Learning Golf," published in 1946, can still be purchased. But it does simplify the golf swing to the bare essentials and the closer you can get to this action the better your swing and the results will be. I will report back. Swing Faster And Stop Coming Over The Top Watch on Kyle Morris, named by Golf Digest as one of "America's Best Young Instructors" shows why the use of ones chest too much in the swing can lead to coming over the top and a lack of speed. A couple of more ho ho's I should be 280 plus. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages. I am 6", 36 wrist to floor and 225 lb. Try to make what amounts to a forward press with your hips and knees in the setup. Thanks again for your amazing videos! Recently came across your blog / videos. The Mrs. Was right, but we are all golfers here, so that's what we do, no need for 2nd post. Those are the only setup changes I make, feet right and flared. Just making sure. The whole coil and feel the stretch in the left lat thing don't really register on me. But I can hit 100s of balls quite nicely in this set up but I know its fundamentally wrong and wellId rather not do it. Cross your hands over your chest so your opposite hands touch opposite shoulders. Putter: Odyssey 2 ball XG 40" Armlock w/ winn grip and triple track alignment, Ball: looking for chrome soft replacement. You recommend a very pronounced straight back and chin up posture. A neutral grip makes it all too easy to let arm sit on the side of the chest. Ironically, if I need to hit a high shot (say over a tree), I seem to make some of my best swings (I imagine it has to do with my setup and the need to get the ball up rather quickly). internship programme malaysia,

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