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She was married to Tsu-la, Kingfisher of the Deer Clan in about 1751. He married Elizabeth Morganin 1596. This was about 22% of all the recorded Hicks's in USA. Don Macy was born February 21, 1928 and passed away October 17, 2009. She was also known as Nancy Carpenter and Nancy Hop Shawnee Carpenter. John was the son of John Hicks and Elizabeth (Morgan) Hicks. Born circa 1246 Tortworth, Gloucestershire, England. Nancy was about 22 years old when she wed Nathaniel Hicks. In 1696, family members included Sir Henry Hicks, Sir Baptist Hicks, and Sir William Hicks. Born circa 1555 in Southwark, Surrey, England, (London) and died circa 1601 in the same town. Research genealogy for William Hicks of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States, as well as other members of the Hicks family, on Ancestry. Nehemiah Hicks Born about 1705 in Saint Johns Parish, Baltimore, Province of Maryland [uncertain] Son of William Hicks and Clarinda Jane (Ferguson) Cutchin Brother of William Hicks, Rebecca (Hicks) Armstrong, James Hicks and Henry Hicks Husband of Philliazanah (Hitchcock) Hicks married 12 Jun 1725 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Province of Maryland He was Avery Vann Millers Grandfather. . Martha Jane was married four times. This excerpt is taken from The History of the Cherokee Indians, page 260:Brooms town was the home of Chief Broom whos daughter Nancy, a member of the Wolf clan, married Nathan Hicks, a white man. Charles Hicks,born January 23, 1767 and died January 20th, 1827, Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia, William Abraham Hicks, born 1769, died 1828. His wife and three children came on the Anne in the summer of 1623. Her mother was one and a half miles up the road, (the Yeargin girl was sick). Samuel HICKS was the child of Samuel HICKS and Lydia DOANE and the grandchild of: (paternal) Robert HICKS and Margaret UNKNOWN WINSLOW? He died in Sussex, Sussex County, Virginia on January 22, 1780. Children: John Hicks b.1340 in Fortesset, Glouster, England and Thomas Hicks b.1345. Moytoy declined to go, saying that his wife was ill. Attakullakulla (Little Carpenter) volunteered to go in his place and lead the group of eight Cherokee representatives on the mission. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. 166. This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Hix research. In the 16th century,Sir Michael Hicks (son of Robert Hicks, a merchant of London and Bristol, andJulia Arthur) owned Beverston Castle (also called Tetbury Castle) and passed the Beverston holding to his sonSir William Hicks, 1st Baronet. Here is a summary to aid in keeping them straight. and was a corporal in the 135th Illinois Infantry in WWI. Anakwanki Skayagustuegwo Five Killers mother, Swan Wapehti Hop, was adopted by Moytoy II as well, (Young Trader Tom Carpenter and Nancy). Like a window into their day-to-day life, Hicks census records can tell you where and how your ancestors worked, their level of education, veteran status, and more. When they found that it was his house, the leader said get down, boys, and burn this house. After 1819, Nancy left Chota and settled on the Ocoee River close to Benton, Tennessee. Dr. Thomas Hicks family tree Even though Dr. Hicks is not suspected to be biologically related to any of the Hicks Babies, some people might find his ancestry and family tree to be of interest. During that time, they lived in Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Algeria, and Libya. He was also known as Trader Tom and Moytoy I. Amatoya Moytoys mother and father were Thomas Pasmere Carpenter and Pride of the Shawnee. Nancy is buried on a hill nearby near Benton, Tennessee. Lydia and Charles had two daughters. He was never wounded although he had seen men fall on each side.. In recording our family linage, many pieces have had to fall into place. It is derived from the son of Richard. Charles Renatus HicksThe son of Nathaniel Hicks and Nancy Elizabeth (Broom) Hicks, Nanye Hi Ghi Ghau. was married to Jeanne Carpenter who was daughter of de Liskeard. Traditionally this family was descended from Sir Ellis Hicks who had been knighted at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. Her Indian named was Chow-U-Ka Gahno. He married Nancy Elizabeth (Broom) Ward, Hicks also called Nan Ye Hi Wolf and Nanye-Hi Ghi Ghau (the last Beloved Woman of the Cherokee). That amount would be worth approximately $6,601 in 2018. The source for today's story was the book The Hicks Family Tree; The Magnificent Journey of Our Branch of the Hicks Family Tree, 1455 to 2011, and The Families That Made a Difference, written by Gale Hicks Thompson and Bob G. Hicks. Title: George E. Miller, . It is thought that they all traveled in the contingent lead by Catherines half brother, George Augustus Hicks, (whose father was William Abraham Hicks). His parents were David Fleming Hicks and Mary Louise Holt. John HicksBorn circa 1605 in Bermondsey, Surry, England. He was the father of Ailric le Carpentier. It begins with Cornelius Dougherty (Ahneeunkee) who is said to be the first white man who is known to have resided amongst the Cherokee. It is said that she was 96 or so years old when she made the trek on the Trail of Tears. Nancy Carpenter Go-sa du-isga was married to Moytoy II (Emperor of Chota). Lydia also married Daniel McCoy, James Chisholm, James Foster Jr., andGeorge Chisholm. There is now a summer resort in this place. He was born on January 23, 1767 in Tomothy, Georgia, and died January 20, 1827 Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia. Tame Doe married Anakwanki Skayagustuegwo Fivekiller Kitigusto (also known as Chief Broom) in about 1729. We encourage you to research and examine these records to . John Hicks died in about 1672. Her father was Chief Hokolesqua Opeechan Stream Wynepuechsika Keiga-tugh-qua Cornstalk, Sachem Cornstalk and he was Nancy Elizabeth (Broom) Ward, Hicks great great grandfather. General Stand Watie, the only Cherokee general in the Civil War. He was born January 15, 1909, and died March 16, 1960. She emphasized her never-ending desire to seek peace for her people, and how important it was for the Cherokees to hold on to as much of their land as possible. In 1940, Laborer and Maid were the top reported jobs for men and women in the USA named Hicks. Posted on 6/13/2012 in Maryland Genealogy Forum. His son was John Carpenter, MP. She operated an inn at Woman Killer Ford until her death in 1822. He was born in November 6, 1743 in Albermarle Parrish, Sussex, Virginia. Since the white man as well as the red is born of woman, he said, why does not the white man admit women to their councils?. He may also have interpreted between the Cherokees and the soldiers while on the Trail of Tears. In 1612 he founded and endowed an almshouse in Chipping Camden as well as building a market hall there in 1627 (both buildings still stand). Lydia Halfbreed (wife of Charles Hicks)was the daughter ofJames Stand Big Chief Gu-U-li-Si Will Halfbreed andQua-la-yu-ga Old Hannah HalfbreedHannah Crittendon. After many grueling months on the trail, the family arrived at Beaties Prairie, (Ft. Gibson) Indian Territory, on March 15, 1839. Grandmothers and grandfathers with large bundles on their backs. As with many surnames, there are several variations of the name that have emerged over time, including Hickes, Hix, and Hixon. This was about 22% of all the recorded Hicks's in USA. Hint: Try searching for a relative alive in 1940. Avery Vann Miller may have assisted the missionaries while living in Tennessee by translating for them. The Mulberry Fields area and these early family's history and genealogy will be arriving on the upcoming podcast show of Piedmont Trails, episode #20. The baby, Kate, was sitting on the bed the soldiers told Jane to take the baby out of the house. We encourage you to research and examine these records to . He was born on January 23, 1767 in Tomothy, Georgia, and died January 20, 1827 Spring Place, Murray County, Georgia. Some of Nancys ancestry can be traced back to England and France as well. He was the leading Chief of the Cherokees from 1730 to 1760. Using the Cherokees resistance as an excuse, the Georgia militia moved into Chota and destroyed the printing press used to publish the tribes newspaper. Jean le Carpentier was born in 1250 at Du, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France and he died in 1280 in Tillent, Lambert, Belgium, His son was Maurice Carpentier. This Andrew Jackson Miller was the uncle of Andrew Jackson Miller (#4). Most of our family still resides in Oklahoma and are members of the Cherokee Nation. She has six grandchildren and two great grand children. They took her horse but she took off the bridal, and called them all names. Norma Sue (Baker) Macy married Donald Gene Macy on July 18, 1948 in Cushing Oklahoma. He marriedElizabeth( ) Hicks. She was nicknamed Susahnni by her grandmother, Susie Spaniard. She was a member of the Cherokee/Shawnee Moytoy-Carpenter family and the daughter of the Cherokee chief Moytoy I of Chota and Quqtsie (Nancy Elizabeth) of Telico. John died in 1476 at Worcestershire, England. Wesley and Susan made the train trip to Kansas to be married because it was against Oklahoma law for a white person to marry an Indian. John HicksBorn in 1375 in Fortesset, England and died on January 10, 1492 in the same town. . It translates as Water Conjurer. Herve de Melun was born in Ile-de-France, France in 995 and died circa 1084. Avery marriedSusannah Susie Spaniard(census card #1164) about 1840. List of Cherokee NationPrincipal Chiefs in Early Times, Moytoy II Emperor of the Cherokee 1730-1760. She was the mother of Nancy Elizabeth (Broom) Ward, Hicks and wife of White Owl Raven also known as AnakwankiSkayagustuegwo Chief Broom.Nancy Moytoy of the Wolf Clan (1683-1777)She was also known as Morning Star, Nanye-Hi Moytoy, Ani-Gatagewi Kituah Go See Du Issue Raven. His first marriage was to Nancy Elizabeth Ward (Broom) NanYe-Hi Wolf who was born July 20th, 1736 in Chota, Cherokee nation East. Accompanied by the Interpreter, Avery Miller, (the [grand]son in law of Hannah Crittendon), Bahnson made many visits in the homes of members in the Canaan neighborhood, noting especially, a call made on Hannah, a remarkable Cherokee character. Bahnson writes that the house was the smallest he had ever seen, being 10 x 12 feet, with clay floor and a fireplace. For thirty years he has been, as occasions required, an interpreter for the United States. Robert Carpenter was their son. In October 1817, Charles Hicks was described in Starrs History of the Cherokee Indians:He is a halfbreed Cherokee almost 50 years of age he has very pleasant features and an intelligent countenance. Research genealogy for Andrew Jackson Hicks of Near Marysville, Blount, Tennessee, USA, as well as other members of the Hicks family, on Ancestry. Lydia Halfbreed came west on the Trail of Tears with many of her family including her mother Hannah Crittendon. Frank Hicks b. In 1772 an English diplomat, James Robertson, visited Nancy in her home at Chota (when she was about 35 years old). Richard of London Carpenter MP was born in 1335 in London, Middlesex, England. This story follows our Cherokee relatives from the mid 1600s though the Trail of Tears in 1839, and on into Oklahoma where they were relocated. John the Younger Carpenter was born in 1410 at Homme, Hertfordshire, England. Jennie (Dougherty) Crittendon (her Cherokee name has been lost) was born about 1725 and died 1826. With a strong family background in politics, Hick has likely been prepared for this her entire life. The podcast will discuss the historical details with the Mulberry Fields area while concentrating on the growth and . Discover your family history in millions of family trees and more than a billion birth,marriage, death, census, and miltary records. It was believed that the Supreme Beings often spoke to the people through the Beloved Women and they were given absolute power in the question of the fate of prisoners taken in war, a power given only to the Ghi Gha U. Nancy did not hesitate to use this power to save one such prisoner of war, Mrs. Lydia Bean, who had been sentenced to burn at the stake. Lydia was listed on the Siler Rolls (census) in 1851. They left a trail of corpses, the weak, and the sick, who could not survive the journey.. Nancy Elizabeth Ward (Wolf Clan) was descended from the line of influential Cherokee Chiefs, the Moytoy/Carpenters. Another 81 words (6 lines of text) covering the years 1551, 1629, 1621, 1628, 1543, 1612, 1596, 1680, 1642, 1715 and are included under the topic Early Hix History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever possible. His first marriage was to Nancy Elizabeth Ward (Broom) 'NanYe-Hi Wolf who was born July 20th, 1736 in Chota, Cherokee nation East. Included in the direct Harris line, is an array of emperors, kings, queens, and nobility including Robert the Bruce, William the Conqueror, and Charlemagne. In 1923, a monument was placed on her grave by a Chattanooga Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. He married Ailsey Dougherty, of the Wolf Clan, daughter of Chief Moytoy I and Quatsie. Susie Spaniards parents wereFrank Spaniard andHannah Chisholm. The Charles Harris family is recorded in The Empire Builders: Book 1, The Genealogy of the Harris Family (Harris family records by Jane Montgomery Seaver, 1929, published by American Historical and Genealogical Society). Sue Macy resides in Norman Oklahoma and enjoys helping the family with genealogy. The family moved into a blacksmith shop and built a fireplace. The following is a list of the children of Nancy Ani-Gatagewi Kituah (Go-sa-du-isga) and Moytoy II, Emperor of Telico, Young Tom Carpenter. Early History of the Hix family. Born about 1340 in Tortworth, Gloucestershire, England. Our sincere thanks go to cousin Rose Guthrie and our Great Aunt Pearl McCauley for providing a wealth of information, genealogy records and family stories, and who are descended, as well, from Avery Miller, Catherine (Hicks) Miller, Charles Renautus Hicks, and Nancy Elizabeth, also known as Nanye Hi Ghi Ghau (Broom) Ward Hicks, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee people.Posted by:Norma Sue (Baker) Macy and Jean Macy Clinton2018. Sir Robert HicksBorn in England about 1578 and died in Plymouth (colonies) on May 24, 1647. She was about fifteen years of age at that time. 1859, and Lee, who was named for Gen. Lee, b. This description was taken from the book, History of the Moravian Missions Among the Southern Indian Tribes by The Rev. She was Nancy Elizabeth (Broom) Ward Hicks great great grandmother. Father Elias W Hicks. Your Last Name She married William Abraham Hicks, (Charles brother) c.1793. Lydia and William had a son, George Agustus Hicks. He was living in a cave near the Shawnee tribe when he met and married Pride Chalakahatha Cornstalk, a Shawnee woman. Skayagustuegwos father is also referred to as Taminad Five Killer of the Delaware(Turtle Clan, Lenni Lenape). Charles brother William Abraham Hicks was elected Principal Chief after the death of Charles in 1827. Discover your family history in millions of family trees and more than a billion birth,marriage, death, census, and miltary records. Two of our family perished on the trail. William married Agnes Carpenter. His first eight children were baptized at St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey. Please join us. Andrew died July 19, 1906, age 61, in Delaware County, Indian Territory. This is a widespread surname in England, and is common in the southwest and southern Wales. She had three marriages, two of which were very early in her life. Robert and Mary Hicks were the parents of Nathaniel Hicks. He was interred at Fairlawn cemetery in Cushing, Oklahoma. This online version is part of the Schenectady Digital History Archive, affiliated with the NYGenWeb, USGenWeb and American History and Genealogy Projects and the American Local History Network 19% of Hicks men worked as a Laborer and 9% of Hicks women worked as a Maid. Avery Vann Millers sister, Isabelle, married Brig. Lydia Halfbreed was first married to Lenard D. Shaw (date unknown). Erma Corrine Kearns married Chandler Chan Chesney Baker on February 9, 1930 in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. A-nu-wa-gi (Peggy) Moytoy was born in 1710 in Gaffney, Cherokee County, South Carolina. The son, Gillam Thomas Hicks, and his family will be featured in next week's column. Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs is a four-volume set covering nine counties in the Hudson Valley / Mohawk Valley / Capital District area of upstate New York. The Hicks family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Died in 1390. Rev. He married A-nu-wa-gi (Peggy) Moytoy of the Wild Potato Clan. Samuel HICKS was born abt. Mary Elizabeth Jarrett. Some years later she received $265.70 as payment for the land. The Nancys of the Moytoy family are numerous and sometimes confusing. That allowed him to marry Nancy Moytoy (Ani-Gatagewi Kituah) of the Wolf Clan, as people of the same clan are forbidden to marry by Cherokee law. Swan Wapehti, as well as herbirth siblings, could cipher, read and write English. Thomas Hicks, Sarah Hicks, John Hicks, Robert Hicks, Samuel Hicks, Lydia (Hicks) Bangs, Phoebe (Hicks) Watson, Mary Hicks, Richard Hicks and Ephraim Hicks were the children. Many of the descendants of Amatoya Moytoy and Quatsie of Telico went on to become prominent leaders, founding a family that ruled the Cherokee for over a century. In 1838, he married Grace, eldest daughter of Stanley Pipe Wolferstan of Statfold, and had five issue with her . Nancy Hicks was born 1792 and died January 9, 1866. He was born in November 6, 1743 in Albermarle Parrish, Sussex, Virginia. Thereafter she became known as NanYe-Hi which means One who is with the Spirit People. The Etymology Of The Hicks Surname. Siger was born 1219 and died in 1267 in Somme, Picardie, France. Her mother, Sachem, was of the Turkey clan and her father, Young Cornstalk, was Wind clan. Posted on 4/19/2010 in Hicks Family Genealogy. She was the Daughter of Amehetai II Moytoy of Tellico and Gosaduisga (Morning Star) of the Wild Potato Clan. Nancy Elizabeth became a leader within the Cherokee nation and because she held the title of Ghi-gha U, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, Nancy was allowed to sit in councils and to make decisions, along with the Chiefs and other Beloved Women. Lydia Married Charles Renatus Hicks about 1790 and they had a daughter, Catherine (Hicks) Miller. Other names for Quatsy are: Elizabeth, Que-Di-Si, Oo-yo-sti Otiyu, Polly, or Quali of the Ani-Waya (Ani-Wayya = Wolf Clan) and Locha Quatsy Shawnee Qeu disi Carpenter (born Tellico Wolf Clan).

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