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He also was in constant negotiations with investigators, oftentimes frustrating them on not releasing information as he said he would. And that's when I just started doing stuff by myself exclusively. He was honorably discharged in 2001. Keyes says, "Yeah, that was a while ago.". He said, "Yeah," when asked if the knife was associated with one of the Washington killings. More than five years later, "some aspects of the case are still considered open," according to Anchorage FBI spokeswoman Staci Feger-Pellessier. Her dismembered body was pulled from a lake north of Anchorage two months after she went missing. When Bill Currier attempted to break free and rescue his wife,Keyes hit him in the head with a shoveland shot him. A Walmart receipt placed Keyes in Jacksonville, TX at 11:25 am on Feb 17, 2012. It's worth noting Wendy is of the same ethnic background as Keyes girlfriend Tammy. Keyes also told authorities he broke into as many as 30 homes throughout the country, and he talked about covering up a homicide through arson. Keyes told investigators his victims were male and female, and that the murders occurred in fewer than 10 states, but he did not reveal all locations. He was never charged with the crime. 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He is believed to have been responsible for as many as 11 deaths in the United States, and potentially even more victims outside the country. He wasn't picky about his victims, he said. His parents had by then become fundamentalist Christians, moving from churches Keyes described as "Amish" to a "more militant militia sort of church" when he was a teenager. Keyes told agents he weighed down at least one body with anchors and dumped it from a boat into 100 feet of water in Lake Crescent, 18 miles west of Port Angeles. WebI read that Keyes drove to Samanthas house and retrieved the ATM card from her truck. Keyes admitted to violent crimes as early as 1996, with the violent sexual assault of a teenage girl in Oregon. He later indicated the folding blade wasn't the primary means of death. Sometime during this period, Keyes renounced his former Christian faith. He then relented and said the only victim shot was Bill Currier in Vermont. "She was pretty smart. In an interview with FBI investigators, Keyes said that he had by his late teenage years decided he could rape or kill and get away with it. He said he was born in Cove, Utah, to a large Mormon family. "[16], By his teenage years, Keyes had become a skilled and proficient carpenter, building his first wooden cabin for his family at age 16. He bludgeoned her husband in the basement. Then, in December of 2012, Keyes killed himself at the Anchorage jail. "I made up my mind I was never going to let that happen again," he said. Keyes was living nearby in Constable, NY at the time, he owned a small, isolated house at the time. The only time he had this reaction was when he was shown the photo of Debra Feldman. He lived in the nearby town of Maupin, and said he lured the girl away from her friends while she was inner tubing on the river. [9] He also occasionally broke into houses with another youth, who subsequently avoided him after witnessing Keyes shoot an animal. He chose the Essex, Vermont, couple to kill for no reason beyond the design of their home, he said. He let them put on slippers rather than walk across broken glass as he led them to their car, which he would use to take them to an abandoned farmhouse. Keyes was obsessed with guns from childhood. In Dec 2007 he and his girlfriend Kristin took a trip to visit his mother in Harlan, IN. In an already isolated family, Keyes said he kept to himself. [5] He also began working for a Colville contractor from 1995 to 1997. He was particularly concerned about a Cold Steel Tanto, 4 1/2-inch folding knife he bought in Port Angeles, Wash. Sample was last seen getting gas and planned to go hiking in Tillamook, OR. In a Nov. 29 interview, just three days before he was found dead in his jail cell from suicide, Keyes asked if investigators had found any knives at his New York property or on a boat he owned in Washington State. [20] He was stationed at Fort Lewis and Fort Hood. While being held in jail at the Anchorage Correctional Complex on suspicion of murder, Keyes managed to conceal a razor blade in his cell. [7] Isolated from society, the Keyes family lived in a one-room cabin located on Rocky Creek Road, where they lived without electricity or running water. One victim whose body was discovered, and cause of death was determined to be accidental. When police picked him up in Texas in March of 2012, it was for the murder of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, whom he had brazenly kidnapped from a coffee stand in Anchorage, Alaska. He'd made sure to buy a legal fishing license. ", Flowers are left at an overlook of Matanuska Lake on April 26, 2012. On December 10, 2012, Keyes' mother Heidi and four of his sisters convened in Deer Park, Washington, about an hour south of Coleville where Israel grew up, for a small funeral service. The following day, he left for a two-week cruise that departed from New Orleans. James Lamar Tidwell Missing from Mount Enterprise, TX since Feb 15, 2012 On February 12, 2012, Keyes hired a rental car from a Houston car rental agency and had the vehicle until February 18, 2012. He wanted to shield his daughter from that, he said. -. After killing Koenig, Keyes flew to New Orleans, where he went on a cruise. The conversations illustrate the fractured thinking of an Anchorage contractor and father who led a secret life, plotting and carrying out killings of three people who have so far been identified. They made a deal: Keyes would speak freely about his past crimes in exchange for details being kept out of the public and other demands. Sitting in jail in Anchorage, charged in the kidnapping and murder of a teenage Anchorage barista, FBI agents and an Anchorage police detective interviewed Keyes for dozens of hours between April and October of 2012. he said. Josh Hallmark did a spectacular job piecing together Keyes admissions, lies and bizarre trips he took throughout the United States and abroad connecting him to possible victims. Israel Keyes was one of the most recent serial killers in the United States, killing in 2011 and 2012. Most of the FBI interrogations were released publicly by Anchorage Daily News to SoundCloud that same year. He's the only one who could have ultimately answered that." Here are the known and unknown victims of Israel Keyes, based on what he told investigators. Keyes claimed his first victim was a girl, between 14 and 18 years old, with sandy-blond hair, whom he raped during the summer of 1997 or 1998. He and and wife were camping together, however they got into an argument and she left the campsite. Beyond this confession, Keyes didn't describe any other killings in detail. Two separate murders of victims that were taken from or killed in Washington between 2005 and 2006, disposing of at least one of the bodies in Lake Crescent. Keyes also began dating an unidentified woman, whom he would have a daughter with. Born in Richmond, Utah, on January 7, 1978, Israel Keyes was the second-youngest of 10 siblings. He intimated to investigatorsthat he committed his first murder soon after moving there in 2001, because, "Neah Bay's a boring town. [5] Around this time, Keyes kept a journal from early childhood littered with Bible scriptures, documenting daily sins for which he felt shame such as lusting after his girlfriend. After Koenig's murder, Keyes demanded ransom money and police were able to track withdrawals from the account as he moved throughout the southwestern U.S.[25] During that time, the police controversially refused to release surveillance video of Koenig's abduction.[47]. As a result, Keyes was ostracized and actively avoided by various youths who attended the Christian Israel Covenant Church, with one girl recounting that Keyes's presence "made my skin crawl."[11]. August 14, 2013 / 1:19 PM In April, Keyes submitted to a 6.5-hour evaluation by Dr. Ronald Roesch, a Washington psychologist. His parents were Mormons who later became strict fundamentalist Christians that homeschooled their children and moved them around frequently. He left her remains in the shed [19], On July 9, 1998, Keyes relocated and enlisted in the United States Army in the state of New York, where he served as a Specialist in Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment. He talked about the public Israel Keyes, who lived with a nurse practitioner girlfriend and his school-aged daughter on a street in the Turnagain neighborhood where the neighbors included a Superior Court judge. When asked in an interview about Robert Hansen, Keyes replied enthusiastically, stating, "Yeah, I know all about him," before continuing, "I probably know every single serial killer that's ever been written about. It was meant to determine whether Keyes was sane enough to make legal decisions for himself. Vermont State Police investigators pause to allow a dog to inspect dirt and debris at a dig site off Vermont 15 near Lang Farm in Essex, Vt., Thursday, April 12, 2012, in what Essex Police Chief Brad LaRose described as part of the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of William and Lorraine Currier. On November 13, 2002, his father passed away, and Keyes attended the funeral. [20] He died by suicide on December 2, 2012, via cutting his wrists and attempted strangulation. After his arrests in 2012, Keyes was charged with the murder of 17-year-old Samantha Koenig, an Anchorage barista who was kidnapped from the coffee stand where she worked. [28] Keyes planned murders long ahead of time and took extraordinary action to avoid detection. Investigators believe he may have killed 11. Wendy is also Black and Native American. Had the crimes possibly taken place on national park land? [11] Upon this realization, he kept his increasingly antisocial behavior to himself, withdrawing socially due to being ostracized. I dont think his last girlfriend or siblings ever will though. So that's when I just started being a loner. In the interviews, Keyes confessed in detail to killing a middle-aged couple, Bill and Lorraine Currier, in Vermont in June 2011. Before his death, police said he admitted to at least seven other slayings, from Vermont to Washington state, hunting down victims in remote locations such as parks, campgrounds or hiking trails. [13] On one occasion, Keyes stole several guns from his neighbor's residence, and was forced to apologize by his parents after their discovery of the cache. You see somebody through the woods," he said. Keyes was indicted in the case, and his trial was scheduled to begin in March 2013. Even more interestingly, Mike was a handyman at the VFW in Sequim, WA where Keyes was a member. October 6 - 16, 2004 2/27/2005 Neah Bay, Washington Keyes wrote in e-mail The other two people buried in Washington State are believed to have been killed from July 2001 to 2005. The FBI believes one victim was killed in Neah Bay shortly after Keyes was released from the Army. The FBI believes Keyes killed at least 11 people, personally I wouldn't put it past him if he killed many more. "They don't see you. Keyes is known to stalk his victims for long periods of time in advance. He claimed to only use guns when he had to and preferred strangulation; this was due to the pleasure he derived from witnessing victims lose consciousness in the struggle. He liked what he was doing.". [4], An FBI report stated that Keyes burglarized 20 to 30 homes across the United States and robbed several banks between 2001 and 2012. SERIAL KILLER II: Murderer tied to five slayings while living He specifically went for campgrounds and isolated locations. Israel Keyes confessed to killing the Curriers. Even after his arrest, Keyes attempted to shield his daughter from the murders, telling investigators that he was worried about the effect his confession would WebHe then moved to the small town of Neah Bay, Washington, where he established a village market for the nearby Makah tribe. It just happens that the very next day, Keyes is on video robbing a bank wearing a construction helmet. He spent most of the next six years living on the reservation with her and their child, working in the parks and recreation department for the tribal authority. Keyes was subsequently extradited to Alaska, where he confessed to the Koenig murder. On the night of December 1, 2012, Keyes took more control of his narrative,committing suicidewith a piece of a razor he had hidden in a pencil and using bedding material to strangle himself. He liked the survival skills aspect of military training, he said. Were really just opening it up and putting it all out there at this point.. Keyes hinted to the FBI it was a woman. We don't have a lot of time to play with. He told them enough, however, for them to take him seriously. Keyes killed himself by slitting one of his wrists and strangling himself with bedding, police said. The FBI said Keyes was living in Maupin, Ore., at the time, and the abduction is believed to have occurred near that area. Afterwards, he dismembered her body anddisposed of it in Matanuska Lake, north of Anchorage. He claims he put their bodies in garbage bags and covered them with debris. [30], Having read Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit from his youth and continuing to meticulously study serial killers, Keyes idolized Ted Bundy and felt that he shared many similarities with him: both were methodical and felt as though they possessed their victims despite their difference in victim choice and modus operandi. The crime an abduction by a stranger that investigators said ended with Koenig being sexually assaulted and strangled in a shed in a West Anchorage neighborhood gripped the city and made national headlines. Keyes moved to Anchorage in 2007 but continued to travel extensively outside the state. In early June 2011, Keyes flew from Alaska to Chicago, then rented a car and drove to Essex, Vermont, to look for victims. Keyes worked for the Makah Indian tribe in Washington State after he got out of the Army in July 2001. Delmar Wayne Sample disappeared from Centralia, WA on March 4, 2005. I've known since I was 14 that there were things that I thought were normal and [okay] that no one else seemed to think were normal and okay. He talked about hobbies: fishing, boats, hiking, camping, kayaking at Eklutna Lake. The evaluation found that Keyes was sane and at the "high average" end of the intelligence spectrum. An FBI press release from 2013, which sought the publics assistance in substantiating his claims, stated that Keyes admitted killing, an unidentified couple in Washington, but his details ended there. (CBS/AP) ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska serial killer Israel Keyes buried three victims in the state of Washington and submerged two others in a lake there but refused to provide many more details about their whereabouts, according to interviews released Tuesday by the FBI. Born in Richmond, Utah, on January 7, 1978, Israel Keyes was the second-youngest of 10 siblings. Sit there and watch them for a while.". Like my parents, and parents of other kids who would hang out with me. He initially told her he was going to hold her for ransom, but after retrieving her cell phone and ATM card, he took her to a shed on his property where he sexually assaulted her andstrangled her to death. Its based on investigations and on speaking with Keyes. lived in Colville on the eastern side of the state, and also lived at the Makah Reservation area of Neah Bay on the Olympic Peninsula. Crime News FBI Releases Images Of Israel Keyes' Skull Drawings In Hopes Of Identifying More Possible Victims. The other two people buried in Washington State are believed to When his parents found out, they made him apologize and return the guns, according to an anecdote in the evaluation. He had developed a certain intimacy with his interrogators. Keyes was arrested by Texas Highway Patrol Corporal Bryan Henry and Texas Ranger Steven Rayburn in the parking lot of the Cotton Patch Caf in Lufkin, Texas, on the morning of March 13, 2012. A male-female couple that was killed in Washington state between 2001-2005, its unclear whether they were Washington state residents or were abducted from another state. They're mine. FBI spokesman Eric Gonzalez said the goal of releasing the information is to seek input from the public, to identify victims who remain unknown and to provide some closure to their families. The first child of a married couple, he would eventually have nine siblings. "His crimes were meticulously planned, and our interviews with him were the same in a way," she said. Maureen Callahan (2019). Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. ", Keyeswould later claimhe committed four murderswhile living in Washington, though these crimes remain unconfirmed and the identities of his alleged victims are unknown. He and his wife lived in cabin in Mount Enterprise at the time. Feldis and another assistant U.S. attorney, Frank Russo, decided in the taped interview that the Washington state couple were buried in a hole and not submerged in the lake. Keyes stated at least one of the bodies was disposed of in Crescent Lake in Washington, and he used anchors to submerge the body, the FBI said. She was pregnant with their child when he got out of the Army, he told investigators. Within hours of murdering Samantha, Israel Keyes left Anchorage for a Caribbean vacation with his family. Peter Van Sant: Where did he leave Samantha? Where was she? Where was her body? Special Agent Jolene Goeden: Samantha was in the shed at his house. Keyes didn't return until two weeks later. After his discharge from the Army, they would move to the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, Washington, where Keyes worked for the tribal authority. Keyes's car matched this description. During this trip Keyes staked out cemeteries and sheds where could take somebody to rape and murder them. Keyes was 20 years old when he joined the Army. They let him feel like he was in control. During this time, Keyes resolved to act on his fantasies of killing strangers, he told the investigators. Sources: I got all of this information from the True Crime Bullsh** podcast hosted by Josh Hallmark. Despite being previously held in a suicide cell, his suicide went undetected until the following morning. He wanted the death penalty and told investigators he had no "long-term interest in survival" in prison. 2 killed, 4 wounded in Mississippi shooting; man arrested, 150 years later, Dixon bridge tragedy among nation's worst, Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says he wants to 'shut down the FBI' and replace it with something that sounds a lot like the FBI, Sanders: Biden could win in a landslide, Danny Speaks About Serial Killers Ted Bundy, Son of Sam, Netflix picks up Adam McKays star-studded serial killer comedy, Robert Pattinson Will Play a Serial Killer in Upcoming Netflix Comedy, Bee Opinionated: Americas weight bias + Gun laws fail victims + UC benefits from Big Oil, CPD seek suspect in 9 armed robberies on West Side. To avoid any connections,he targeted total strangers, traveling thousands of miles to stalk his victims and learn their habits before killing them. Biography reports Keyes was the second of 10 children born into a conservative Mormon home. (Erik Hill / ADN). "My whole issue is to keep control of it,"Keyes had told investigatorsas they pressed him for details. "My whole issue is to keep control of it," Keyes told them. He left behind an extensive four-page note that expressed no remorse nor offered any clues to other slayings. Unlike most serial killers, he did not have a victim profile, saying he chose a victim randomly. Keyes can be placed in the Bloomington, IN area before Lauren's abduction. [56] FBI Special Agent Barbara Woodruff would latertell CNNthat when Keyes was shown a picture of Feldman, he paused and said, "I'm not ready to talk about that one. PORT ANGELES FBI agents have linked 11 killings to admitted serial killer Israel Keyes, including five murders from 2001 to 2006 while he lived in Neah Bay. Keyes also admired and studied other serial killers, but actively shunned media attention for his crimes as he was fearful for his family and being labelled a "copycat" for his admiration of Bundy and other murderers. Pursuant to a plea agreement, he was fined $350. Keyes reportedly lived and worked in Neah Bay from 2001 to 2007, employed by the Makah tribe there for repair work and construction, before moving to Alaska. "That's one of the lakes," Keyes replied. Wendy is also Black and Native American. They were under pressure to produce names and locations of the people Keyes claimed to have killed. "Things never got really violent like they could have if she had been fighting me. WebI would love to read a book like the one you described on Keyes. "The ground is freezing, Israel," said Steve Payne, an FBI agent. 2023 Reddit, Inc. All rights reserved. They lived in a house with an attached garage that would be easy to enter. For years, some of the kids slept in a tent. Special Agent Jolene Goeden said Keyes was very careful about divulging information and was always in control of what he said in interviews, according to the FBI's website. When asked by Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Feldis why the knife was important, Keyes indicated authorities might find something if they took it apart. In return for clues he gave, Keyes reportedly wanted to avoid numerous trials and a quick route to the death penalty. After leaving the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints faith, Keyes's father moved the family to a remote plot of land north of Colville, Washington in Stevens County when Israel was five years old. [10], The family attended another church in Colville called the Christian Israel Covenant Church that taught British Israelism as doctrine, that miscegenation was abominable and deviant, that Anglo-Saxons were to rule over the perceived inferior races,[11] and that Keyes later alleged to have been militia-like. Wendy Marie Dehoop who disappeared from Eugene, Oregon on April 22, 2005. Keyes was eventually forthcoming with details about the Currier and Koenig murders, but he held back from giving exact details of his other crimes. [9] During this period of attending the Ark, the Keyes family befriended the neighboring family of Chevie Kehoe, who was later convicted for a 1996 triple murder. In a series of interviews with law enforcement, Keyes described significant planning and preparation for his murders, reflecting a meticulous and organized approach to his crimes, the FBI wrote in a release accompanying the timeline. For the Currier murders, Keyes flew to Chicago, where he rented a car to drive 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) to Vermont. When the interviews were recorded, Keyes was a defendant in the kidnapping and murder of Samantha Koenig, 18, who was abducted from the Tudor Road drive-thru coffee stand where she worked in February of 2012. Keyes indicated he weighed the body or bodies down with four to five milk jugs. There are several factors that make Stephen a likely Keyes victim. He was also interested in satanism at this time, and began to plan a satanic ritual killing involving a young woman. She focuses on in-depth stories about the intersection of public policy and Alaskans' lives. [48][49] Investigators had circulated a lookout bulletin for the suspect's car, which had been used at ATMs to withdraw money from Koenig's account. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. ISRAEL KEYES Yeah, Neah Bay's a boring town. Neah Bay, at the farthest northwestern tip of Washington, is best known as home to the Makah tribe legendary whale hunters. Keyes moved here after marrying a tribe member he met online. They started a family. Eric Johnson [driving): He lived there. He rented the house out. [20] He is believed to have resumed his killing spree in 2001 following his discharge. Although this was not his first sexual assault, Keyes admitted that he stalked her from a tree line before "very violently sexually assaulting" the girlwhom he estimated to be between 14 and 18 years of ageby knifepoint. He and his daughter's mother broke up and he began dating a new woman. [15] However, police and FBI investigators were skeptical of this claim and suspected Keyes of killing several teenagers and children. "I only left that stuff there because I was planning on using it eventually," he said. abducted from the Tudor Road drive-thru coffee stand. However, investigators have had leads run dry on a number of other victims and are seeking the public's help. ", A photo of Bill and Lorraine Currier along with a yellow ribbon is displayed on a tree on the couples front lawn Dec. 29, 2011, in Essex, Vt. Israel Keyes confessed to killing the Curriers. The bodies of the Curriers were never found. "You guys know about Lake Crescent in Washington, right?" On April 9, 2005 Keyes picked up a boat he purchased in Port Angeles, WA. The victims identity is not known, and neither is the location of the murder. "You go fishing, or out hunting. He then loaded them into their own car and drove them to a farmhouse he had previously scouted where he planned to kill them. [20] Police used a taser to subdue him. [4], Israel Keyes was born in Richmond, Utah, on January 7, 1978, to Heidi Keyes ne Hakansson and John Jeffrey "Jeff" Keyes (October 4, 1952 November 13, 2002). Keyes was arrested in Lufkin, Texas, about six weeks after Koenigs disappearance. "He wanted to avoid numerous trials in different jurisdictions," said Goeden. Also one thing that disappeared along with James Tidwell was his construction helmet which he wore for work. "Ultimately, he wanted the death penalty and he wanted it quickly. Rental records show 2,847 miles were logged in that time period. The other two victims in the state were believed to have been killed in 2005 or 2006. He liked them to be "lightweight" because they were easier to dispose. His receipt recorded a $15 transaction of a shovel, air freshener spray and lube. He had previously buried a murder kit nearby during a visit to the area in 2009, and helater told investigatorshe was looking for a house with an attached garage, no cars in the driveway, with no children and no dogs. [50], While incarcerated, Keyes spoke to investigators several times over a period of months. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. He was worried about the effect it would have on his daughter,saying, I want her to have a chance to grow up and not have all of this hanging over her head. [11] For years, some of the Keyes children had been forced to sleep in a tent due to their cabin's small size. Next-door neighbors Michele Buwalda and Tom McMillan said Keyes lives there with a woman named Kimberly Anderson, who is also listed as the owner of the house in city property records. "Well, there might, not on it, maybe inside somewhere," Keyes replied. He dragged her to a remote campground bathroom, tied her up with ropes and raped her, he said. While stationed at Washingtons Fort Lewis Army base, Keyes began a relationship with a woman who was a member of the Makah Indian Tribe. Later, the questioning turned to the bodies in the lake, and Keyes seemingly chastised his interrogators about not figuring out one of the locations.

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