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She reveals her past to Shido after isolating him from contact with Ratatoskr, and goes as far as offering to sleep with him in exchange for his Reiryoku, promising him that the success of her plans will undo his death. Kotori uses Fraxinus trump card, an immensely powerful cannon amplified by her Spirit power to destroy the satellite. not the Tohka he knew, but a parallel world Tohka.. in the parallel world, Shido is dead, and Tohka killed the other spirits except Kurumi.. Shido and parallel world Tohka/Beast go on a date.. Shido offers Beast to live in his world, which she declines.. Shido leaves her.. I heard its an open ending? no longest stubborness towarness shido. Shinji is envious of the superpowers Shido can achieve with the Angels he has sealed, and jokingly asks to borrow some of them. However, she said the same goes for her and showed him a pendant that contains a photo of the two of them together as children. To that end, she agreed to help Shido in saving Tohka from DEM because she wanted to find Nia, who was captured by DEM at the time. Shido learns that Origami left the school and looks for her at her apartment, where she captures him. Past timeline become a peacefull world but ot wont last again encounter new b4east. Upon learning of how she treated people, Shido openly admitted to hating her, but accepts her challenge at the Tenou Festival to seal her powers. tohka is encourage and smile to everyone arounding her. To his confusion, Origami knew him when he had never heard of her. However, Tohka sometimes has issues understanding the two of them, because of the weird way each of them speaks. Within the artificial world, Tenka used her authority to influence everything toward Tohka's happiness, despite claiming that she simply wanted to reign as a god. This explains why she remembers him in the beginning of season 1. While he admits that hislove is strictly as a sibling rather than as a lover, he reassures her that it is no less inferior to romantic love. The very thought of losing Shido, the person most dear to her, caused Tohka to become so overwhelmed by despair to the point of going Inverse. Also, after acquiring Mio's Sephira Crystal, Tohka inherited some of her memories along with her powers, allowing to get a better insight into her mother. However, their relationship momentarily soured when Shido's cosplaying attempt accidentally made her feel like he was mocking her favorite manga character. Shinji initially pretends to be furious when Shido promised to steal Mio away from him, but after acknowledging that he is already gone, he states that he can only entrust him with Mio from now on. Tohka's first serious interaction with Reine was when she came to comfort her while she was in a state of jealousy after seeing Shido with Yoshino. Although Shido is uncomfortable with this fact at first, he grew to quickly accept this after seeing everyone else accept her as such. Kurumi responded violently to the taunt and tried to shoot Phantom, but she failed. kotori love her own teamates including shido and spirits with yoshino and.others too. Tohka parallel world have a 10 sword in her possession in past timeline. Watch Date A Live on Crunchyroll! Afterwards, Reine finally began referring to Shido by his full name and merged with Mio, ignoring Shido's pleas for her to stop. Funny enough, Kurumi admits to liking killing others but also liking being killed by them (her clones experience is hinted to translate back to her), so it can be inferred that she has only been killed by Mana in the past because she let her kill her, this is proven more than true when she effortlessly defeats Mana in the first battle where the real Kurumi was even present. When they were reunited, Mana immediately hugged Shido out of joy before calling him "big brother", which surprised him. When Origami discovers the both of them together, she suddenly transforms into her Inverse Spirit form and attacks. However, she soon changed her mind after hearing that the request involved a magic bullet. Shido was shocked by what he learned about the Spirit of Origin, Mio Takamiya in the previous episode. After inadvertently finding Kurumi wearing her clones' bandages and eyepatches, Shido entrusts her with a picture of him dressed up in a similar manner from his chuunibyou phase to quell her hostility. Cookie Notice Instead of this, Shido vowed to make her fall for him over Shinji, and the two soon return to the real world to save it alongside the Spirits from Westcott. There also seems to be things that wants to keep hidden from Kurumi, as she cited Kurumi's eavesdropping as one of the reasons why she couldn't tell Shido about his past. Ai Yamabuki, Mai Hazakura & Mii Fujibakama, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. But it seems thats not the path theyre going because they keep hyping up Tohka. Tohka however, would not go on to convey her true feelings until after the final battle with Westcott. After Tohka and Origami began competing over Shido, many of his male classmates became very jealous of him. Both of them have never directly met and are technically the same person. The, Origami makes a deal with Kurumi to send Origami to the past to prevent her parents' death using her untested Twelfth Bullet: Yud Bet. They spend the day together and were a couple until the real Kurumi came to kill her clone from one month prior (the same Kurumi that Shido confronted on Raizen High School's rooftop). A seemingly normal sibling relationship, Shido and Kotori have been living together in the same household for a long time, and are very close despite the two not being related by blood. 2)Kotori starting from 13 to 18 soft heart& close to shido. Thinking Shido likes Yoshino more than her, which Yoshinon used to anger her, Tohka became furious and took the puppet from Yoshino. Tonomachi would later begin distancing himself from Shido after Natsumi used her Angel to impersonate him and made moves on his friends and classmates. Miku often shows her affection toward Shido without hesitation, much to Shido's embarrassment at times. Mar 12, 2022 Game. In the midst of the battle, she stated that her "Hate" towards Origami wouldn't change but her "Hate" right now is most likely different from the old "Hate" she had back then. When first encountering Beast, Shido feels a strange sense of dj vu to his first meeting with Tohka. When the twins come to him for advice about their origins, he assures them that they do not need to think of themselves as fake existences compared to the original Yamai, just as he doesnt consider himself to be a fake Shinji. Tenka would later replicate this quirk when she finally called Shido by his name. However, this frustrated the original Kurumi to the point that she only decided not to kill her due to the upcoming battle between Ratatoskr and DEM. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Kurumi once worked together with Mio to protect humanity from monsters. 1 (light Novel) : April 10. While the citizens evacuate to the shelter, Shido is determined to look for Natsumi in the city, who is missing. Summary Adopted into the Itsuka's family household at a very young age, Shido has been living a fairly average normal life until recently. Once there, she confronts Phantom and attempts to kill her, just to later discover that it was one of her own attacks that killed her parents, and the Spirit that was the source of her revenge was none other than. By the time they are university students, Shido is able to perfectly understand Kaguya's flamboyant and grandiose speech patterns, something which Yuzuru praises him for. During their date, Reine asked Shido if he hates her mother, meaning her, for abandoning him, to which he answered that he didn't. Kurumi first sought out Shido in order to consume him and gain the Reiryoku of the three Spirits he had sealed up to that point. During the battle between the two spirits, Tohka asked Origami if they could perhaps find a way to understand each other but Origami told her that she will reject all Spirits, including herself. Shido tries to use his weapon but it failed. Tonomachi is Shido's best friend, though he is often annoyed when Tonomachi, like many other boys at their school, show jealousy over the number of girls around him. However, Kurumi only does so reluctantly, as she was still slightly peeved that Matsurika anticipated her reply. Date A Live Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Ultimately, however, Shido was unable to seal Reine's powers, as the person she loved was not him but Shinji. These the work of future kurumi sent tje beast back in past timeline to encounter of shido. Shido Itsuka is rudely awoken by his personal alarm clock-his little sister. Shido cares very deeply for Tohka, as shown on many occasions, always going out of his way to make her happy and teach her the ways of the world. A subreddit for fans of the popular anime, light novel, and manga series, Date A Live. Upon seeing Tohka alive and well in the True End Timeline, he tearfully embraces her. After regaining the memories of his previous life, including his death at the hands of Westcott and Manas kidnapping, Shido displayed unprecedented fury and hatred toward Westcott, to the point that he considered finishing him off after defeating him in the Game Over Timeline. However, even when faced with Tohka's berserk state, Shido still refused to give up on saving her, ultimately bringing Tohka back to her senses with a kiss; further emphasizing the deep feelings of trust and affection between the two. At lunch break, Shido talks with Origami and summarizes that her associating with the AST were not so dramatic, Origami believes the guy who saved her parents and "died" could have been Shido's brother, and her parents gave her so much happiness but ironically still died due to a car accident four years ago. Date A Live Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. beginning to taking care of his body.asking him if hes alright. And what is this open end thing??? When Shido was killed by Ellen, Kurumi regained her Sixth Bullet and put herself through 204 time loops in an attempt to avert his death at the hands of DEM. He asks past Origami to carry all her emotions to him as the only emotion she will now carry is anger and vows to avenge her parents. Date a live has a system I call the episodic ordeal relationships This system basically is is that every ordeal of spirt they save Tohka and shido and as other characters as well will get closer but not as in great depth as Tohka as shown with Yoshino,Kurumi,miku,Natsume His reputation as a shameless flirt in the eyes of his classmates would increase as more Spirits enter his life, with Natsumi's actions when disguised at him further worsening matters. But before they could, Shido destroy and walks out of the infirmary. Shido illuminates how he and Kurumi are the only ones who retain knowledge of the previous timeline. Before going off to confront the First Spirit, Shido gives Kurumi another kiss as a show of gratitude, leading her to praise him for having become a very capable man. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Date A Live Novel Volume 1 at the best online prices at eBay! Because of this, when Tenka was about to take control again during her fight with Origami, Tohka resisted, believing nothing good will come from letting out. However, Mukuro later sealed away her memories of Shido in order to monopolize him for herself, accidentally causing her to enter her Inverse Form again. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. However, their relationship does not seem to have been drastically affected by this knowledge. Hard to be truth shido actual sister is mana. In volume 19, Shido seals Kurumi, and now Shido has sealed the powers of all ten Spirits, giving him full access to each of their Angels. Shido saves and comforts past Origami. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Kurumi has allowed Mana to kill her clones in the past pretty much just to mess with her and then later appears again someplace else. . Shido shed tears of relief when Nia recovered from the event. After made Origami a spirit, she obtained many long-range abilities which made her a bad match-up for Tohka who mostly uses close-range abilities. Tohka's first interaction with Natsumi was when disguised herself as Shido. She often receives advice from them to help her with her relationship with Shido and they come to her aid whenever they think he does something wrong to her, which is often just a misunderstanding. Shido was devastated when he learned that Tohka would disappear along with Mio's Sephira Crystal after the latter's death, but tried to contain his emotions to make the remainder of their final date as enjoyable as possible. Future shido in past timeline no reckless anymore because kotori and others were in fact concerning of safe of shido. When fighting against , Shido understood that Natsumi's negativity was causing her to falter and it was ultimately his encouragement that played a key role in allowing Natsumi to overcome her childhood trauma and successfully land a hit against . During volume 21 he tells Origami that Tokha is the only one for him. However, she eventually discovered she was a imposter when she saw him with the real Shido and instantly saw through her disguise using her enhanced sense of smell. They spend the day together and were a couple until the real Kurumi came to kill her clone from one month prior (the same Kurumi that Shido confronted on Raizen High School's rooftop). Afterwards, Miku willingly allows herself to be sealed and starts referring to Shido as "Darling". sad to know that it became an open ending. Yeah they're pretty mature about it, especially Origami. . She is very teasing and flirty towards him especially in regards to the time he was forced to dress up as a woman named Shiori. Shinji was Shidos previous life before Mio chose to take in Shinjis corpse into her body to recreate him as Shido. That was until the sealed Spirit powers inside Shido's body causes him to go berserk. Five years before the start of the story, Shido (who was actually sent back in time by Kurumi)first met Origami after her parents' deaths, and offered his emotional support so she wouldn't fall into despair. He would probably chose her, but he is not the only one who makes that choice. The Origami of the old timeline admittedthat her feelings of obsession towards Shido were of reliance and not actual love. Tohka parallel world have a 10 sword in her possession in past timeline. Kurumi later wakes him up and reveals she remembers everything from the old timeline. Which one is it? However, in the True End Timeline, Shido had no issues channeling the power of all ten Angels against the DEM director, even if it meant accidentally killing him in the process. Everyone stays as friends? He'd already prescheduled the usual plan to have Origami fall for Shido and seal her powers. ago. werent accepted the lost her friends. Date A Re:Live is a Date A Live AU Harem Fan Fiction written by Tohka Yatogami. Either Tohka or no one as an open ending, depends on who you ask. After Origami became a Spirit, she sought out Kurumi and requests to be sent back in time, which Kurumi ultimately agreed to out of empathy for Origami wanting to fix her broken past. Suddenly, a third satellite bomb is dropped on the city, just to be later destroyed with ease by Origami wearing a DEM combat suit, much to Shido's surprise. Later, through her usage of the Sixth Bullet, Kurumi was the deciding factor resetting Westcott's attempts to murder Shido, much to Westcott's own ire. Kurumi was originally very annoyed by Matsurika's energetic personality, and she considered her request too much of a hassle to even humor. When Shido fell into despair over Mio killing all the Spirits in the Game Over Timeline, Tohka's revival caused him to shed tears of relief, and gave him hope that the other Spirits could somehow still be saved. After Shido keeps his promise by saving Miku from Tenka, Miku overcame her trauma and her feelings towards Shido changed. For much of the story, Kurumi only sees Tohka as potential food who posed little threat in her sealed state. In an attempt to hide his false accusation of Tohka being Natsumi in disguise, Shido once told her that Natsumi () is an declaration of love, leading to a misunderstanding where Tohka believes that Natsumi's name shows that everyone loves her. Every year, Kurumi pays a visit to Sawa's grave to leave flowers. Knowing how much of a crybaby Kotori was, Shido wanted to, in his own way, help his sister grow emotionally. Did the spirits die in volumn 20. farther more why tohka other parallel world goes to differences dimension in first place. Kurumi dies a hrrible death at the end of volume #17 and if Shido does not have any real bond with her by now, she won't be saved at all. Its an open ending with him not ending up with anyone specifically but it's heavily implied that he will choose Tohka after all. Wishing to part with Shido on a happy note, Tohka continues to put on a cheerful front, until Yoshino steps up to confess her feelings to Shido. She then leaves to fight Tohka and the others while the, As Origami fights against the other Spirits, Natsumi and Yoshino rescue Shido. invouling again, Shido first rescue was 5 yrs ago is kotori and seal her inside of shido, Shido seal the spirits power inside his body, Shido first beging the anime/novel were tohka. Shido was born from Mio in an attempt by her to resurrect Shinji Takamiya, effectively making her his mother in a way. she is preciouse to them in heart. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Her Inverse self, Tenka, has a far more complicated relationship with Shido. In Volume 11, Tohka temporarily loses her memory of Origami due to Shido changing the events that happened five years ago. However, just as Origami was about to finish them off, Tohka managed to regain her full power and defeats her. Tenka did not personally know Shido when she first emerged, merely addressing him as "human",yet the subconscious memories that her other self shared with him provoked confusion and hostility. Being ordinary civilians, Ai, Mai and Mii do not know of the existence of Spirits and that they are the cause of the space-quakes. In the Game Over Timeline, her eyepatch clone urges her to be honest with her feelings, leading to Kurumi offering to let him seal her should they both survive the war with DEM, though she is killed by Mio shortly afterward. After Reine was revealed to be a doppelgnger of Mio Takamiya, Shido asked her out on a date to seal her powers. During their first conversation, Shido was surprised by Mukuro's lack of emotions. She goes back to normal after Kurumi retreats, but does not recall what just happened. When Origami entered her murderous rage thinking that Kotori was the one who killed her parents five years ago, she attacked Kotori during her date with Shido. One unique relationship Kurumi had was with a clone of her self from 5 years ago. This clone displayed a particular care for Kurumi, most likely due to her still having morals her original and fellow clones had already abandoned. The clones, on the other hand, seem take no issue with it and even appear to be happy to sacrifice themselves for their original. Kurumi is displeased to find that she indirectly contributed to Origami's Inversion when Origami turns out to be her own parents' killer, something which would not have been possible without Kurumis own powers. After Reine admitted that she does, Tohka happily replied that she does as well. She then ended their conversation and threatened him that if he appeared in front of her again she would use to stop the earth's rotation. Things turned upside down in the season finale of Date a Live IV. invouling again. Meanwhile, the top executives of DEM Industries are eager to get their revenge on Westcott and make plans to kill him no matter the cost. Upon finding this out, Shido tried to convince Mukuro to come down to earth so he could seal her powers. Ai, Mai and Mii are Tohka's classmates and appear to be her best friends. (Topic ID: 2091076) What we are blessed with instead is their reuniting a year after Tohka's. Date a Live, Vol. Despite their problematic first meeting, Yoshino forgave Tohka for her past actions and the two are now good friends after the former's Spirit powers were sealed. During the ensuing fight, Tohka was able to fight on-par with Mio by drawing from her Reiryoku and was even able to injure her, though Mio then once again killed her permanently. Shido was horrified at how casually Mana killed a Kurumi clone, believing that her heart has grown jaded. Tohka's attachment to Shido has been used against her on one major occasion. She suggests that her personality may have mixed with that of the clone she used as a substitute body to survive Mio bursting out her original body. Mana is Shido's biological younger sister, from whom he was separated from for some years. We see the last of the x people when shido x leaves, and kurumi y restarts the y world only. Despite her insecurities, however, Tohka cares very deeply about Shido, almost always coming to his rescue to provide physical and even emotional support to him in his cause to save the Spirits, becoming especially close to the boy as a result. It's shaping up to be another typical day.well, as typical as it gets on a planet plagued by massive spatial quakes. This is proven to be truly shown when she didn't have the will to kill Origami even though the latter was seriously trying to kill her along with the other spirits. Shido first rescue was 5 yrs ago is kotori and seal her inside of shido. It's shaping up to be another typical daywell, as typical as it gets on a planet plagued by massive spatial quakes. She realized that his gentle and kindhearted nature was genuine and could save those who possessed Spirit powers. Tohka tells Shido that if she had never met him and learned how wonderful the world is, then she could have become just like Kurumi. Idk.I'm confused if everyone end up with shido.Tho i saw everyone that tohka end up with just shido.I want to see them all happy and end up with shido,specially kurumi.I'm happy for both of them tho(tohka and shido) it's just that kurumi has better storyline or something.Kurumi have something that captivated my heart and she's so special for me.Idk, Scan this QR code to download the app now. Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Bullet) is the main character of the Date A Bullet spinoff series. Without a doubt Kurumi's most unique relationships are with her clones. When offered a job as her personal cook, Shido considered it as a good salary under a familiar boss, although he was discouraged to take up the offer by MARIA. Score: 4.7/5 (35 votes) 'Magical Warfare' season 1 premiered on January 10, 2014, and with a total of 12 episodes, it finished airing on March 28, 2014. . Shido has shown a great concern over her vendetta against the Spirits. She stabs a knife through the photos to ensure that Natsumi is not hiding herself as a photo. Shido's relationship with Nia started off relatively well since Nia was grateful to Shido for helping her escape from DEM. he also known the stubborness kotori weakness. the fourth ending is the opposite of the first ending described above and shido x appears in the y world. During the Spirit battle royal, Kurumi praised Yoshino for her resolve to win. While practicing for dating Spirits, he ends up asking her out. Reine was the one who gave Tohka her surname. In the end, Shido didnt mourn Westcotts passing and was instead more devastated that Mio gave up her life to stop him. Kurumi acknowledges Natsumi as being one of the more clever Spirits. Privacy Policy. Reine analyzed footage from Origami's Inverse form and theorizes that despite the alteration of space-time continuum Origami possesses both personas of her current and old self, which the latter acts as a self-defense mechanism whenever she comes across a Spirit. One year later, Tohka would ultimately be revived by the "will of the world", reuniting with Shido on April 10th. Shido accepted Tohkas decision, and the two amicably parted ways while wishing each other the best going forward for the future. He is a Human/Spirit hybrid [Became full Spirit after Volume 18] and high school student who works for the Ratatoskr organization to seal Spirits' powers and combat DEM Industries, who seek to use the powers of Spirits for malicious purposes. Five years prior to the present, Shido gave Kotori a pair of black ribbons as a birthday present. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! During their first date, he learned she was also the first Spirit he'd ever dealt with who was actively on the offensive. [4] Crunchyroll simulcast the third season,[5] while Funimation produced a simuldub. Once Tohka learned that Shido had been doing so because it was the only way he could seal Spirits, they both apologized to each other; Tohka for prohibiting the method and Shido for keeping it a secret. However, she acknowledges Mana's abilities to a point, noting that Shido would be safe with Mana protecting him in her stead during their assault on DEM's Japanese HQ. Due to becoming attached to Shido, she refused to share him with the others, even locking the memories of all of Shido's friends and family in the process. The twist is that she lost her memories and that she only remembers her name and that is was given to her by someone important. 1 (light novel): Dead-End Tohka. Volumn 1 to 13 Future tineline kotori cold as ice,rude,uncaring and etc to future shido, Future shido only person to open the heart of past timeline of past kotori heart, Shido is kindheartness person easy forgive the wrong doing spirits as cold,rude, heartless,cruel, destroy the entire world and final destruction? In Ren Dystopia, he calls the New Timeline personality "Tobiichi-san" to help distinguish between the two. Shido deeply cares about Kotori as a big brother to the point that he rushed out during a Spacequake alarm due to believing Kotori was at a family restaurant because of a prior promise. After finding out the truth about Tenka's world through , all of the clones loyally gathered around the original for one last mission to ensure that the creator of this world could enjoy her last moments happy. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The first time Shido met Kurumi, she immediately revealed herself to be a Spirit and attracted his attention. In DateA Live Encore, a Kurumi clone meets up with Shido on July 7th for a surprise date. For more information, please see our During the battle, Origami was able to defeat the spirits in their limited release Astral Dress. Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Shido Itsuka and the Spirits, supernatural female entities that have fallen in love with him. It is unclear what exactly happened to the original Kurumi, but Shido became her body shield, and she engulfed the original Kurumi into a shadow, dying of despair. With that knowledge in mind, Tohka theorizes that Mio might have kept her alive so that she could possibly one day kill her and end her suffering. The season was scheduled to premiere in October 2021 . During the organization's 30th anniversary, she passive-aggressively shamed Elliot for abandoning his childhood friends in favor of the newly-created First Spirit and openly laments not having the chance to kill him.

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